Understanding History at Home

Around the world, cities and countries are shaped by a history that may include famous people, inventions, minor conflicts, and wars. The same is also true for individuals and their families. And while we're taught about the foreign and domestic history in schools, we may not know much about our individual heritage and family history. The desire to uncover one's roots can lead one or more members of the family to research their ancestors, where they came from, and what they accomplished. In the quest to understand their history, the ideal place to start is at home.

Families may have keepsakes that have been passed down from generation to generation including letters, like those written from husbands to wives during times of war, such as the Civil War or World War I or II. It may also possible to ask senior members of the family to share stories of their childhood and memories of their parents and grandparents. For people whose families have called the same town or city home for several generations, it is possible to locate past family homes or research the current one. This can turn up interesting results, particularly if it is an older home that's been kept in the family. Records can show when a family home was built and tell of any surprising or even scandalous events that may have occurred there. Another way to understand history from or about the home is to search online. The Internet offers people numerous genealogical resources and other sites that can be used to search for specific family members and their accomplishments or involvement in a war. It can also be used to simply find information about the family home.

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