DIGEST INTERNATIONAL and 1st Muse have reached an agreement allowing us to reproduce, publish, develop and commercialize and sell all types of interactive and non interactive publishing products, motion picture and TV film, CD-ROM, CD-I, DVD and INTERNET; images and audio-video recordings which derive from the objects presented on the exhibition THE MACEDONIANS AND ALEXANDER THE GREAT at FONDAZIONE MEMMO. The right holder has the vital role in the project, and from very beginning is keen supporter of this initiative.

With over 600 splendid Museum objects - sculptures, mosaics, paintings, jewels, miniatures, illuminated manuscripts, coins - coming from the leading World museums, it is our intention to  recreate vast cultural reality of the ancient times. Our hope is to succeed in confering the greatness of this culture which has and continues to affect especially the Western civilization.
  C R E D I T S

  D E V E L O P M E N T    T E A M

5 linguists, 2 story-board writer, 2 photographs, voice casting in 5 languages, musical supervision and composition, 3 computer graphic experts, 2 programmers, 2 architects, hardware technician

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